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Gilbert O'Sullivan (Box c/ 8 Cds) 1967-2015

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Descrição do Produto






Box com 8 Cds:

* 6 Cds - com 127 gravações estúdio e duetos.

* 2 Cds - com 42 gravações raras.


CD 1


01. Made In Love

02. Alone Again (Naturally)

03. Clair

04. Can't Think Straight - Duet With Peggy Lee

05. I'm A Writer, Not A Fighter

06. Mr And Mrs Regards

07. Have It

08. It Never Rains But It Pours

09. Conversation With Flying Plates

10. Missing You Already

11. That’s The Kind Of Love I Need

12. Don't Let It Get To You

13. Can I Leave The Rest Up To You

14. Happiness Is Me And You

15. You Don't Owe Me - If I Know You - Duet With Mike Dore

16. Can't Find My Way Home

17. In My Hole

18. Water Music

19. I Remember Once

20. That's Where I Belong

21. So What


CD 2


01. A Woman's Place

02. Hablando Del Rey De Roma

03. Number 4

04. Heavens Above

05. Where The Hell Have You Been

06. I Have Never Loved You As Much As I Love You Today

07. Nothing To Fear - Duet With Mike Dore

08. Could Have Made It With You

09. I'm In Love With Love (Again)

10. What's It All Supposed To Mean

11. Dear Dream

12. What Am I Doing Here With You

13. I'm in Love With You

14. Anytime

15. In Bed By Ten

16. Mr. Moodys Garden

17. The Way Things Used To Be

18. If You Love Me Like You Love Me

19. Wonder Why

20. Sometimes

21. Say Goodbye


CD 3


01. Ain't No Telling (What Tomorrow Will Bring)

02. Nothing Rhymed

03. I Don't Love You But I Think You

04. Where Would We Be (Without Tea)

05. Young At Heart (We'll Always Remain)

06. How I Say that I Love You

07. A Love So

08. Take Your Foot Off My Toe

09. I Wanna Know

10. Get Down

11. Please Don't Let My Weakness Show

12. We Will

13. Bear With Me

14. Matrimony

15. Things That Go Bump In The Night

16. I'll Be The Lonely One

17. Where Peaceful Waters Flow

18. I Love It But

19. That's

20. No Telling Why

21. That's Why I Love You


CD 4


01. Taking A Chance On Love

02. Lost A Friend

03. I Guess I’ll Always Love You

04. Are You Happy

05. All They Wanted To Say

06. Can't Say Fairer Than That

07. A Minute Of Your Time

08. Nobody Wants To Know - Duet With Barry Esson

09. Ooh Baby

10. The Marriage Machine

11. Because Of You

12. That's Love

13. You Got Me Going

14. I Have My Coat To Keep Me Warm

15. It's Easy To See When You're Beautiful

16. Too Much Attention

17. For What It's Worth

18. What's In A Kiss

19. I'm About

20. My Love And I

21. Bye-Bye


CD 5


01. Doesn't It Make You Sick (Mortar And Brick)

02. Why Oh Why Oh Why

03. Just Like Me

04. No Way

05. I Wish Something Good

06. Just So You Know

07. Say Goodbye

08. Always Somebody

09. In A Nutshell

10. Can't Get You To Love Me

11. Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day

12. They've Only Themselves To Blame

13. You Better Believe It

14. If I Can't Have You All To Myself

15. No Matter How I Try

16. Hold On To What You Got

17. Underneath The Blanket Go

18. Stick In The Mud

19. Miss My Love Today

20. When To Today

21. Sex Appeal

22. Showbiz - Duet With Nicky Henson


CD 6


01. At The Very Mention Of Your Name

02. Private Eye

03. Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Such is Life)

04. Love Being Faxed By You

05. My Place Or Yours

06. It's So Easy To Be Sad

07. The Best Love I Never Had

08. Came To See Me Yesterday (In The Merry Month Of)

09. It's About Time

10. I'm Not Too Young

11. What You See Is What You Get

12. Not That It Bothers Me

13. I Wish I Could Cry

14. Two's Company (Three Is Allowed)

15. The Best Fund I Ever Had

16. A Friend Of Mine

17. Out Of The Question

18. My Advice To You

19. Having Said That

20. Who Was It

21. Middle Age Dread


CD 7 - Special Rarities


01. To Each His Own

02. You

03. I'll Believe It When I See It

04. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea

05. Don't Have To Tell Me

06. January Git

07. That's A Fact

08. Call On Me

09. Doing What I Know

10. I Promise Honest

11. Save It

12. What Can I Do

13. Can't Get You Out of My Mind

14. In A Nutshell

15. Down Down Down

16. You Better Run

17. Get Out Of My Life

18. Good Company

19. New Song

20. A Very Extraordinary Sort Of Girl

21. Too Bad


CD 8 - Special Rarities


01. Everybody Knows

02. Don't You Ever Change Your Mind

03. Going Home

04. If I Don't Get You (Back Again)

05. As Long as I Can

06. Tell Me Why

07. The Niceness of It All

08. You Never Listen To Reason

09. But I'm Not

10. Doing The Best I Can

11. I'll Never Let You Go

12. Our Own Baby

13. Don't Bother At All

14. In Other Words

15. What Could Be Nicer

16. Can't Get Enough Of You

17. I Didn't Know What To Do

18. Just as You Are

19. Too Long

20. Forever Wondering

21. Ooh Baby (Dance Mix)

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